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3D-Pi is a new service launched by highly respected photographer Leighton Morris making use of the latest developments in 3D photographic technology to provide high quality imagery to a wide range of clients.

Leighton and his team utilise the high tech Matterport Pro 3D camera to produce highly detailed, immersive 3D images that are VR ready and can be available the same day.

​The 3D service can be complimented with drone photography together with the very best traditional photography.

​3D-Pi utilises the best technology available while Leighton applies his extensive photographic experience to produce the finest imagery possible with maximum detail, careful composition and perfect lighting.

​Every client gets a personal service with the ideal imagery to suit their needs.

 3D-Pi works with estate agents and property developers to enable them to offer their clients a guided tour of any property from the comfort of their own armchair.

​Any client can take a guided tour of as many properties as they like, getting the same feel for them as a potential home as if they were actually on site.

​All they need is a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone and they can take a guided tour of their chosen property or properties.

​Utilising state of the art technology backed up by the power of the cloud, the service offers a 3D tour that is far closer to reality than any other system currently available.

​The guided tour of the interior can be backed up with a gallery of external and aerial views of the property.

Perhaps you have an exciting entertainment venue that you want to show off or maybe you have a high-tech manufacturing facility that you would like potential clients to see when they are considering whether to use you.

​Whatever your promotional or marketing needs, 3D-Pi can provide your customers with the most realistic experience available as they take a virtual tour of your chosen location from the comfort of their home or office.

​Along with the very best in conventional photography plus top quality aerial views, 3D-Pi provides imagery to put you a step ahead of your rivals.

We're fortunate that our passion is our work!

Our Vision

An immersive 3D tour is such a powerful tool within the disability world.


Within the next 10 years, 3D-Pi want to influence government into writing law that provides all spaces open to the general public providing immersive models.

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