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Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Food Centre Wales is a dedicated food technology centre offering advice, technical services and training to business start-ups, SME’s and existing food manufacturers.

Food Centre Wales offers unrivalled facilities for food manufacturers to develop new products.

The same facilities give those looking to add value to their own produce an opportunity to create new food products. The 880m2   Innovation & Manufacturing Hub consists of extensive manufacturing facilities available for commercial hire and developing and trialling new products.

Unique to Wales, the centre also boasts four individual Incubator Units which provide manufacturing facilities for start-ups ready to use.

FCW location in Horeb does not make it easily accessible for a potential new client to visit without taking a day out, so the marketing team wanted to provide a modern approach to presenting the business and it’s facilities.

After a chance meeting at the Farm Business Innovation Show last November a virtual Innovation & Manufacturing Hub and virtual Incubator Unit have been created providing FCW with an immersive 3D walk through of both buildings.

Taking into account that FCW is a bilingual business, 3D-Pi created an English & Welsh model of the two virtual spaces.

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