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The ANI Group has brought together a groundbreaking collaboration that has the power to reshape the world we live in and empower individuals of all abilities.


The dynamic partnership between 3D-Pi and Accessibility Enterprise Ltd has emerged with a shared vision:

to create a truly accessible world where everyone can thrive. Harnessing their respective expertise in cutting-edge technology and inclusive design, these industry pioneers have embarked on a transformative journey to break down barriers and unlock opportunities for individuals with disabilities.


By combining their strengths, 3D-Pi and Accessibility Enterprise Ltd aim to revolutionise accessibility solutions, ushering in a new era of innovation and equality for all.


Together, they are determined to make a lasting impact, championing the right to accessibility and building a brighter future where everyone can participate, contribute, and flourish.

We are on a mission to drive change. The ultimate goal is a 3D world. The implementation of a law requiring all spaces open to the general public to provide visuals of their business.

No other platform to showcase our work has reached so many people.

Our virtual portfolio has had over 15000 visitors.

 Ed Green, Beacons Business Interiors Ltd

Matterport Service Partner logo


THE MSP badge of approval provides clients with confidence in the quality of service provided by their members.

3D-Pi is a leading MSP based in South Wales covering the whole of the UK.


We specialise in Matterport immersive virtual tours, photography, floorplans, and point cloud data.


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