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Photo from the 1920's showing 13 watching a lady present a bouquet of flowers to one lady and a wrapped large box to a shorter woman in th centre of the picture. All ladies are dressed smartly.

Since forming 3D-Pi in 2017, we have been very fortunate to win a number of awards. Our nominations have always come from our clients as we are not one for entering.

Thank you for all your nominations and support over the years!


Most Innovative Accessibility

Solutions Company

(Welsh Enterprise Awards)


Best Virtual 3D Property Photographer (UK)

(Media Innovator Awards)


3D Photographer of the Year

(UK Enterprise Awards)


Most Immersive 3D

Property Video Business - South Wales

(Southern Enterprise Awards)


Best 3D Photography Company

(UK Enterprise Awards)


Leader in 3D Photography

(The Welsh Enterprise Awards)

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