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Creating an Accessible World

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The main drive behind creating 3D-Pi and Accessibility Enterprise was to open up the world to everyone. We recently met with Louise Hunt-Skelley (Athlete Mentor - Public Speaker - Consultant - Advisor - 2x Paralympian - Commentator - Ambassador) and discussed our vision and was blown away when viewing one of our immersive models.

Below is feedback from Louise regarding the power of 3D walkthroughs:

The use of 3D visuals is extraordinary and can be really game changing, in particular for those with disabilities. Properties offering 3D visuals play a pivotal role in promoting accessibility for people with disabilities. By providing clear and detailed, immersive representations of spaces, individuals with disabilities can explore properties virtually before attending in person, gaining an understanding of spatial layouts and potential barriers. This could relate to physical access, or even those who struggle with anxiety and have a disability who find accessing a new space very challenging and concerning. Offering this ahead of a visit to a building can help remove so many barriers, anxieties and concerns, allowing each individual to make an informed decision about their next steps. I think this is an awesome step in inclusivity and empowers individuals to enjoy their experience in visiting new spaces, regardless of any struggles or concerns they may have.

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